Medical Demo Description

Medical narration is a highly complex genre that requires precision and clarity.As a voice actor, my goal is to simplify and make it enjoyable or, at the very least, less overwhelming. With procedures that demand absolute precision, exactness is crucial, especially in procedural and e-learning modules. Maintaining vibrancy, energy, and a consistent tempo is vital throughout medical narrations, considering their often longer and technical nature. However, the landscape of medical narration has expanded to include a wider range of styles, such as role plays and simulations, which actively engage and involve learners.I have included examples of each style, showcasing the versatility of my work.
General Vocal Styles:
Medical, Adult, 30s

About this Selected Track - Medical Narration Video Demo.

'Medical Narration Video Demo' is a track from my 'Medical' voiceover Demo. Descriptions about and vocal styles used for this track are: female, Intelligent, warm, professional, role play, fun, conversational, dialogue, clear, engaging, inviting, thorough, exacting.

About Me

15 years of business experience coupled with a BFA in Theatre from Loyola Marymount (LA) and RADA (London, UK) means I understand how to get a project done on time, within budget and still create a compelling piece which captures your message and engages your clients. Your project, done your way, professionally, and quickly, and maybe have a little fun along the way.

Actor Profile

Location: US, Walnut Creek
Languages: English
Experience: 7 Years
Gender: Female
Project turn-around within 3 HOURS.