Building a Better Voiceover Demo System

As experienced professionals in the voiceover and technology industries, we grew frustrated with the "old" way of showcasing demos. With a traditional demo CD, it was obvious that most producers and agents would only listen to the first few reads, making a decision based solely on that. This made the rest of your tracks ineffective-a shame considering all the hard work that typically goes into creating a voiceover demo.

With this in mind, we knew there had to be a better way. We set out to develop a system that would play tracks similarly to a media player like iTunes, and one that would make it easier for producers to listen to every single read on a demo. After several trials (and a few failures), VoiceZam is that system.

VoiceZam is the next step in voiceover demo technology. We all know how difficult it can be to get noticed in this industry, especially with the wide range of websites and platforms that will take anyone, regardless of if they have talent or experience. The VoiceZam system is invitation-only, meaning that producers and agents turn to us as the most credible source for top-quality voiceover talent.

About MediaZam

The parent company of VoiceZam, MediaZam offers intense new media solutions delivered by its team of computer engineers and creative professionals, who all have a passion for the latest in media advancements. The company's ingenuity and expertise in both technology and the voiceover industry have led to its success with its flagship product, VoiceZam.

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