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Base Membership Service

$ /month

Included in Base Membership:

UNLIMITED Demos, Reads & Players!

We store your Demo as tracks and you title them. Your listeners seamlessly cruise through each track—right through to the Demo's end.

Your VoiceZam basic service package includes:

The VoiceZam™ Track-list Demo Player

  • Unbeatable - High-speed Demo player with dynamic tracklist display
  • Customizable - Choose your own skin, style and colors
  • Updatable - Tracks changed on the backend, update immediately on the
  • Embeddable - The player drops right into your website: Dave Courvoisier
  • Intelligent Cross-Sell - Offers your listeners all your Demos
  • Downloadable – Demo or single tracks
  • Connected - Clearly shows all your Contact Information, Agents, and Social
                         Media Links

Your Professional Name is hyperlinked directly to your online Demos.

Your Personalized ZamLink™

Example: Anne Ganguzza ZamLink

ZamLink features:

  • Updates automatically whenever you change your Demo
  • Add your ZamLink to your email signatures, turning emails into personal 24/7 Demo marketing machines
  • Send your ZamLink directly to producers, offering them all your Demos and contact information
  • Use ZamLink's unique tagging feature and see exactly who listened to your latest email blast

Plus ALL ZamLink "hits" are clearly identified in your real-time, Zamtistics reports!


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Upload all your demos for FREE

Or pay us and we'll add them for you

$ 2995 /per demo

Your first demo is included in your 15 Day FREE trial.
Then add more demos yourself at no cost, or we can handle it for you.

15 Day FREE Trial!

“VoiceZam is quite affordable. I can pay for a whole year’s worth of VoiceZam’s services by booking just one
union-scale radio job, which is much easier to do with this player!”

-Lee Crooks

“VoiceZam is the single most important tool I have available, besides my voice.”

-Jerry Reed, voice actor