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Why send viewers to separate audio & video players?

The VoiceZam player handles all your media.


Use your YouTube or Vimeo share links and voila! VoiceZam plays your videos flawlessly.

Mix or match—video or audio.

VideoZam gets your videos into the eyes and ears of producers faster than any other product. They love to see videos in a Demo—so show them your full repertoire!

Load your videos up in seconds

See how easy it is to quickly upload and play your videos.

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VoiceZam unifies all your Demo work under one player.

Skin It. Embed It. Send It... Anywhere.

“I'm thrilled with my VoiceZam media player. It blends perfectly with my site, puts all my Demos right on the front page and the Audio quality is first class.”

Bob Souer


Integrate the VoiceZam player with only three lines of code—a simple solution that doesn't require the help of a web guru. Zamplify your web presence with the best Demo player in the industry!

Your Skin, your style

You have your own style as a voiceover artist—shouldn't your Demo player reflect that? Make your player stand out not only with outstanding playback quality, but also with eye-catching skins, styles and colors. Choose from our Blue Smoke, iMetal or the DIY design and roll your own!

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VIEWERS CAN Easily connect to ALL your contacts

It should be quick and easy for producers to reach you or your agents. With one click, VoiceZam displays all of your representation and contact info. Stay organized with a simple Demo platform, and target your Demos your way.


Get out there. Interact. Be social. It's all possible with VoiceZam! Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more—all are compatible with our system.

Advanced Technology

Simple on the Front-End

See spot? Play!

Give producers what they want—access to the spots that showcase your talents in the areas they need. With VoiceZam's patented playback, all of your spots are front and center via our innovative player. Keep your Demos from getting buried, and put your best foot forward.

All your Demos, all the time

All your Demos are special, so how do you choose which to showcase? With VoiceZam, you no longer have to make that decision. The only player that cross-sells all of your Demos, you give producers and agents the power to pick the type of spot they want to hear from you.

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Drag, drop, play

Need to update a track in your Demo? VoiceZam makes it easy! Simply upload the track, drag it where you want it to play and it appears online immediately, all within minutes. Don’t pay a webmaster to update the Demos on your website. Do it yourself quickly and easily, with VoiceZam.