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General Vocal Styles:

"Issue Ad", "Attack Ad", Fundraising, "Call to action", "Gun Control", Advocacy

Unique Vocal Styles:
"political voice", "political ads", conversational, hopeful, Mocking, Funny, "Funny Political", Amusing, "Amusing political", trustworthy, trusted, friendly, upbeat, warm, Positive, "Election ad", "Candidate Profile", attack, "attack ad", "Negative attack ad"

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Location: US, Los Angeles

Languages: English

Experience: 44 Years

Gender: Male

Project turn-around within 12 HOURS.

About Me

You hear Joe Cipriano every day on Radio, TV and in Movie Theaters. For years, the signature voice of the Fox Network, he also became synonymous with the CBS Network comedy brand. He’s the in-show announcer for top-rated shows, “America’s Got Talent,” “Hollywood Game Night,” “Deal or No Deal,” and more. His voice is heard on promos for Discovery Plus, HGTV, Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network and more. His Live Announcing credits include the “Primetime Emmy Awards,” “Grammy Awards,” and more.