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E-learning is one of the fastest growing voice-over genres. Nearly every type of business, governmental agency, and academic level uses some type of online or computer-based learning. As a result, the need for courses in those areas is very high and the required styles vary dramatically. Thankfully, gone are the days of the stale old "multiple-choice, q & a-read the paragraph above and the answer question," programs the standard. Today's e-learners demand more. As a result, voice actors have to step-up their game and deliver truly engaging VO. The style of my e-learning samples is varied and tailored to be age appropriate for the learner as well as the modality of the learning experience.
General Vocal Styles:

intelligent, inviting, clear

Unique Vocal Styles:
conversational, professional, pleasant, amiable, congenial, enjoyable, affable, caring, approachable, expert, calming, soothing, friendly, trustworthy, warm, knowledgable, Female, Engaging, enthusiastic, fun, upbeat, sociable, warm-hearted, warmhearted, welcoming, cheerful, "big smile", "wink and a smile", sweet, good-natured, compassionate, uneasy, apprehensive, concerned, dismayed, hopeful, sympathetic, real, E-Learning, open, kind-hearted, sincere, all-knowing, "adult education", "in the know", physician, "medical expert", "lab technicial", specialized, "cancer care", "spindle cell carcinoma", "medical education", "technical training", "highly skilled", "mastery of medical terminology", instructional, supportive, encouraging, reassuring, optimistic, smooth, alto, "deeper female voice", humorous, character, e-learniing, theatrical, melodramatic, expressive, hammy, dramatically, "30s - 40s", "cyber security", "computer training", technical, medical, brainy, precise, knowledgeable, intellectual, educated, erudite, informed, current, scholarly, engaging, happy, gracious, genuine, credible, exact, straightforward, storyteller, "school teacher", "5th graders", educator, animated, amusing, entertaining, playful, dialogue, role-play, proficient, competent, businesslike, practiced, qualified, manager, white-collar, "human resources", "hiring practices", helpful, "all knowing", HR, retail, informal, relaxed, business-like, tongue-in-cheek, "safety training"

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Location: US, Walnut Creek

Languages: English

Experience: 6 Years

Gender: Female

Project turn-around within 3 HOURS.

About Me

15 years of business experience coupled with a BFA in Theatre from Loyola Marymount (LA) and RADA (London, UK) means I understand how to get a project done on time, within budget and still create a compelling piece which captures your message and engages your clients. Your project, done your way, professionally, and quickly, and maybe have a little fun along the way.