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General Vocal Styles:

40s, 50s, male, "middle age", 30s, forties, fifities, mid-range, promo, upbeat, news, strong, athletic, sports, enthusiastic, "station voice", bold, reporting, investigative, serious, aggressive, intense, announcer, enthusiasm, sporty, baseball, ESPN, character, comedic, deep, friendly, excited, dramatic, energy, fun, playful, Conversational, Promo, Professional, affiliates, "tv stations", television, tv, promotional, edgy, gritty, authority, stern, concerned, expose, experienced, negative, skeptical, redemptive, redemption, reassuring, practical, no-nonsense, credible, informative, drama, football, excitiing, 20s, sarcastic, snarky, rugged, tough, gruff, low, husky, "big guy", rowdy, exciting, energetic, rousing, "high energy", racecar, automotive, "high end", racing, "promo voice", hype, hyper, many, masculine, hip, humorous, comedy, "the emmys", emmys, "Emmy Awards", tongue-in-cheek

Unique Vocal Styles:
Playful, Lighthearted, "Network TV", Comedy, Humorous, Amusiing, Witty, Comical, Quirky, Fun, Funny, "guy next door", Intense, authoritative, TV, Network, Midwest, Authentic, Dramatic, Suspenseful, animated, thirties, throaty, "gravely delivery", "on edge of seat", commanding, Sports, "NFL Sunday", Bright, cheerful, positive, neighborly, buoyant, optimistic, entusiastic, "The Discovery Channel", Gripping, fifties, mystery, mysterious, heavy, "a man~apos;s man", Serious, "Straight Forward", Cheeky, Light, commercial, conversational, believable, modern, amusing, approachable, dad, father, light-hearted

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Artist Profile

Location: US

Languages: English

Experience: 30 Years

Gender: Male

Union Affiliation: SAG-AFTRA

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