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informative, authentic, credible, "call to action", genuine, honest, natural, "no nonsense", persuasive, active, agressive, articulate, authoritative, believable, confident, earnest, engaging, knowledgable, patriotic, political, 40s, 50s, "middle age", male, serious, factual, practical, 30s, deliberate, conversational, upbeat, positive, election, vote, next-door, helpful, "local politics", local, race, somber, concerned, negative, elections, democratic, forties, fifties, national, state, governor, straightforward, trustworthy, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, sincere, "explainer video", gerrymandering, urgency, urgent, strong, deep, convincing, non-partial, non-partisan, PSA

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Artist Profile

Location: US

Languages: English

Experience: 30 Years

Gender: Male

Union Affiliation: SAG-AFTRA

Project turn-around within 8 HOURS.