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narration, announcer, male, "middle age", 40s, 50s, 30s, explainer, whiteboard, bold, commanding, gravelly, direct, credible, attitude, tongue-in-cheek, witty, appealing, playful, fun, energetic, engaging, cute, bright, confident, "deeper register", "low end", edgy, dynamic, strong, automotive, authoritative, "higher ed", college, integrity, intellectual, knowledgable, friendly, approachable, helpful, insightful, persuasive, "sales meeting", husky, deep, low, throaty, booming, "voice of god", gruff, intense, rough, penetrating, "safety video", "instructional video", clear, "cuts through", competent, reliable, trustworthy, straightforward, concise, corporate, informational, industrial, video, solid, experienced, deliberate, "mid range", steady, dependable

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Location: US

Languages: English

Experience: 30 Years

Gender: Male

Union Affiliation: SAG-AFTRA

Project turn-around within 8 HOURS.