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General Vocal Styles:

Commercial, "experienced voice actor", "voice actor for hire", "commercial voice over artist", "professional voice artist", "Commercial voiceover artist", "TV commercial narrator", "Radio spot voice talent", "Online advertisement voice actor", "Brand commercial voiceover artist", "Advertising voice talent", "Smooth voice actor", "Warm and inviting", Authoritative, Assured, "Automotive Voice", Toyota, "Car Commercial voice", Agricultural, Authority, Influential, Automotive, Adventure, Subaru, Education, Friendly, "Food commercial voiceover artist", "Restaurant advertisement voice talent", "Rich and resonant voiceover", Concert, Hi-Vee, Food, Tough, "Gourmet food voice actor", "Detroit Pizza Voice"

Unique Vocal Styles:
Cool, Retail, Dunkin, "Office Max", Calming, NatGeo, "Nature Voice", Disclaimer, Insurance, Assurance, Comforting, "Hard Sell", Aggressive, Medical, Assuring

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Artist Profile

Location: US, Lakewood

Languages: English

Experience: 19 Years

Gender: Male

Project turn-around within 8 HOURS.

About Me

Nationally represented VO. Home studio with Source Connect and video streaming capabilities. Former radio guy. I enjoy playing guitar, writing music and restoring my old house.