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You need to hire a voice for your project.

One that’s agreeable, effective, casual & clear.

Relaxed enough to invite a listener and strong enough to convey your message without hard selling them to smithereens.

I have been working in the eLearning genre for well over a decade and I love it. I love learning new things from teaching others. Web based training is going crazy and I’m enjoying the ride. Deloitte and ConEdison are some of my favorite clients in this genre. Hear just a few samples on the demo player and get in touch with Dustin on the contact section.

General Vocal Styles:

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Unique Vocal Styles:
"rhode island", recap, "health source", "state exchange", insurance, "insurance exchange", "year one update", update, deloitte, "deloitte and touche", course, services, ConEd, "con ed", "con edison", PPE, "new york", "first aid", pathogen, "infectious material"

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Location: US, Kansas City

Languages: English

Experience: 24 Years

Gender: Male

Project turn-around within 3 HOURS.

About Me

With over 20 years of experience in the voiceover industry, Dustin’s voice has been described as clear, natural, warm, friendly, agreeable, believable and trustworthy. His voice is ideal for narration, commercials, promos and radio and television station imaging. Dustin has a fully equipped personal studio with ISDN, Neumann U87, Sennheiser 416, Fousrite Red 7, Focal monitors and all available connection and delivery methods. He has been heard nationally on network television and radio, broadcast cable, MTV and VH-1. Dustin’s corporate narration clients include: The United Nations, General Electric, Pepsi, Intel, Delta Airlines, UBS, Kraft Foods, The Four Seasons Hotels, UPS, Cisco, The United States Air Force, Pizza Hut, American Express and many others. Dustin is honored to be one of the founders of World-Voices Organization, an industry association for voice actors.